This charming and detailed sketch, circa 1904, was originally produced by photographers Beavis Bros and is one of an 11 part series.

They give a remarkable, though stylised, view of Bathurst at that time.

This example is of the Howick Street and William Street corner, specifically the School of Arts library and hall.

The building housing the library was right on the corner and was eventually converted to the City Candy store. It is now a restaurant.

The large hall next door was re-purposed as a film theatre circa 1914 although live shows were performed there right up to its demolition in 1972.

Also visible in this sketch is the government school (now the Fossil Museum), the Presbyterian Church and, on the right near the corner, a shop which once traded as the Duke’s Hotel. It is now a jeweller’s.

The large TAFE building is yet to be built, although further up William Street the Exchange Tower at Church Street is visible.

Especially fascinating are the modes of transport shown and the figures, strolling down the street, rather than rushing across dodging cars and trucks.

Others in this series show different CBD views, Keppel Street, Machattie Park and Macquarie River.