Over the past few weeks, Stannies has been raising money for Catholic Mission.

As part of the school’s efforts, they hosted ‘Footy Sock Friday’ back in October to raise funds and ‘Sock it to Poverty’.

Students could wear their footy socks to school in return for a gold coin donation.

The aim of this fundraiser was to collect a total of $542 for an ambulance in Uganda. The result from Footy Sock Friday, canteen collection and staff room spare change round-ups was a total of $575 raised.

The $542 was donated to Catholic mission and the remainder of the money was used to buy a number of men’s items to go towards the Matthew Talbot Appeal.

Pictured are Ben and Martin Rudgley in Year 10 who were big advocates for footy sock Friday and heavily involved in promoting the fundraiser and collecting money.