WE’VE LOST more than 280 lives on our roads this year because of speed related crashes.
It’s not good enough.
Those who choose to disregard our speeding laws now have another 28 reasons to think twice, with the roll out of 28 new highway patrol vehicles hitting the roads across the state.
These vehicles are funded through the Community Road Safety Fund – where speed and red light camera revenue go.
Half of the new vehicles have been delivered, with the Bathurst Chifley Area Command receiving one of the new high visibility vehicles.
The vehicles are being deployed to key crash hotspots on major routes and highways across the state, where we are seeing an increase in fatal crashes, in particular on regional roads.
To address the spike, many of these vehicles are being released in the bush.
This is an investment into greater safety for our community and additional resources for our Traffic and Highway Patrol officers.
Drivers who continue to disobey the law while families are being torn apart by the loss of life on the road will have no excuse when they are caught – irresponsible behaviour will not be tolerated on NSW roads.