GRAFFITI is ugly, often offensive and can make people feel unsafe.
This Sunday we’ll be seeing it wiped out right across our electorate, state and the nation during National Graffiti Removal Day.
I’m asking each of you to roll up your sleeves for a day by volunteering for Australia’s largest graffiti clean-up operation and take a stance with vandals.
There is no better way of condemning graffiti and showing your community pride than removing ‘tags’ and unsightly vandalism to parks, community reserves, homes and the CBD, joining the growing number of dedicated volunteers that are helping wipe it out.
Volunteering is simple, you can register online at – all volunteer graffiti busters will be provided with training, graffiti removal equipment and protective gear on the day.
Last year, an army of more than 2000 volunteers removed 21,000m2 of graffiti from over 450 sites across NSW, saving government and private property owners an estimated $1.4 million.
The Bathurst Electorate is home to many iconic landmarks, buildings and colonial infrastructure, this is something we take a great deal of pride and care of and to have it marked by graffiti vandals is not on – join the movement and let’s make a stand.