Bathurst remembers the bicentenary

It was a Gala night at BMEC last week, when Bathurst Remembers staged its Bicentenary Event and Filmmaking awards at BMEC.
The evening was staged as a Mayoral Reception with around 130 people attending, mainly awardees in the various sections of the competition.
Mayor Gary Rush spoke in glowing terms of the work being done by Bathurst Remembers in preserving Bathurst’s wonderful history and thanked Bruce Ryan for coordinating the project since its launch in 2005.
Bruce responded by saying that if it had not been from the support of Council, together with historical, cultural and education groups the project would not have achieved the growth it has with over 120 DVD’s on Bathurst and surrounds available for free borrowing from Bathurst Library as well as many shortened programs now being uploaded to the Internet under the Bathurst Remembers Theme

The main purpose of the evening was, however, the presentation of AWARDS and these were:

For EVENTS (that were filmed)
3rd Prize
The Colonial Fair:  A major event held over 2 days on the banks of the Macquarie River with thousands of people participating
2nd Prize
‘Reflections’ – 200 years of Women’s Fashions’:  This was the first film to be uploaded to the new Bathurst Remembers site to publicise five months in advance the  major Reflections Display (Image 2)
1st Prize
‘Symphony of Australia’ performed by Macquarie Philharmonia Orchestra at Mayfield Gardens on Valentine’s Day in 2015. Stephanie and Ron Camplin were awarded a plaque for their efforts in staging the event and having it filmed. (Image 3)
3rd Prize

Russell Nankervis ‘Russell in Bathurst’ takes us on walking and driving tour around Central Bathurst (Image 4)
2nd Prize:
‘Runaway Chainsaw and Charles Darwin in Bathurst’. Produced by Joe Velavosky this comedy film was quite different in using abstract ideas and vision to feature Bathurst. (Image 5)
1st Prize: A wonderful short feature film conceived, filmed and edited by Tracy Sorensen on ‘Invincible – The Tremain Flour Mill’.  This high quality film illustrates what can be achieved when using an iphone to film with. (image 6)