It is a funny time of year as a cycling enthusiast. The Tour de France has just finished, suddenly my nightly fix of riders, chateaus and Robbie McEwan has evaporated. And all I am left with is the stark realisation that I might get to sleep before 2am tonight.

For other TDF lovers like myself, I stumbled across the five step program to help readjust to non-Tour life.

1. Get some sleep
If you’re anything like us, you’ve been operating on between three and six hours of sleep a night. So, first and foremost, GO TO BED. Get an early night and sleep for at least ten hours.
2. Clean up your diet
Late nights watching skinny pros dancing up climbs goes hand in hand with fatty foods (French Cheese!), sugary treats and booze.
It’s time to clean up your diet. Lay off the vino for a couple of weeks. Eat liberal amounts of fruit and vegetables – perhaps even (shock horror) a salad. Why not make use of some of Gabriel Gate’s recipes?

3) Reconnect with friends and family
Remember your long-suffering partner and/or your kids? The people who’ve been putting up with your grumpy mornings, mid-afternoon energy slumps and overexcited speculation about whether Matthews or Kittel will take the green jersey?
Well, it’s payback time. Make a special effort to treat your nearest and dearest.

4) Ride your bike
It’s been cold and dark for ages. Chances are the inclement weather plus the 2am finishes have meant that your bike has been left abandoned more mornings than not.
It’s time to change that. So, pull out your trusty steed, get your local bike shop to check it over, and get riding.

5) Watch more cycling
You’ve done all the above and you’re still pining for the sight of Froomey et al in the Pyrenees and Alps, there’s only one solution.
We recommend watching stages while you’re on the home trainer – that way, you can pass off your Tour addiction as ‘training’.