Ok, seriously, enough already!

This week I have had the opportunity to review the two newest Bathurst tourism logos put forward as alternatives to the original, which was launched a month or so ago.

The logos and taglines are designed to support Council’s new Destination Branding Strategy, an 80-page document designed to drive tourism to our great city.

Officially launched in October, the Destination Brand Strategy is designed to effectively and measurably grow a cohesive tourism industry and drive business to the Bathurst region.

The “Forever Young” tagline was the exclamation point on a sentence designed to underpin that strategy. It missed the mark.

Subsequently, we have been offered two alternatives to that logo and tagline – both designed by the original consultant. All three accompany this column.

At Bathurst City Life, we are at pains to provide a positive outlook on our community, but when it comes to these logos surely someone, somewhere, is taking the mickey?

A quick visit to www.freelogoservices.com, about 20 minutes and 10 clicks saw me recreate the “boxy” logo, which I could buy for $5.

Surely we have not forked out another $15,000 for these?

I am not a graphic designer so this stuff is a bit beyond me, but we have so many creative types in our community – why not open it up to a competition to get one of our own to design it.

In fact, people are already starting.

When you get a chance, visit the Brand Bathurst Facebook page to view what some have already come up with. Granted, a few examples are rubbish, but there are also some good ones there.

Finally, one of our thumb writers nailed it when they suggested the consultants have offered two average follow-up designs to ensure their original one gets adopted. Food for thought.