It was pleasing to again visit Mount Panorama yesterday and hear Andrew Gee announce another $10 million for the development of a second world class motorsport circuit at Mount Panorama.

The announcement was made under the first round of the Coalition Government’s new Building Better Regions Fund (BBRF), and is the largest of its kind to be delivered under the fund.

There are so many positives to take out of a three-tiered governmental approach to the track. It shows the confidence that both the State and Federal Governments have in Bathurst and it also highlights the foresight our council has towards building infrastructure which will outlast their tenure at the helm of our community.

Now I have fielded plenty of criticism from readers about this development and the apparent waste of money it presents.

But I wonder what would have happened to Mount Panorama all those years ago, if those early pioneers shared this same naysayer mentality about infrastructure development?

The Mountain may never have been built and the narrow-minded amongst us would have counted it as a win.

But we now know, Mount Panorama is responsible for bringing tens of millions of tourism dollars to Bathurst each year as car-lovers, and their wallets flock to the many world-class events here in town.

Original estimates of a new international standard motor racing circuit suggest it will cater for approximately 50,000 guests and will increase the region’s potential to host world class motorsport events and the tourism it brings.

Not to mention the boost to local jobs during the construction phase as this project is destined to create 220 jobs during construction and another 247 ongoing jobs.

We need to grow as a community and tap into our strengths. I for one applaud the local, state and federal government for having the gumption to back this development – backing that now sees $10 million of federal money supporting this great venture.

A full story and images from yesterday’s announcement will appear in next week’s edition.