Let’s Celebrate YOU!

Do you have a ‘things to do list’ that you write out each week and cross off when you have completed a certain task?

Better yet, do you write jobs on this list that you have already completed to give yourself the satisfaction of crossing them off anyway (guilty!). If your ‘to do list’ is anything like mine, it includes clean out wardrobes, wash/vacuum the car, grocery shop, complete assessments, clean, iron and wash, wash, wash!! But do you make yourself a priority on your own list?

Life is busy as we juggle responsibilities, and spend most of our time nurturing our family. Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way but it is important sometimes to find time to celebrate who we are as a person.

I would love you to join me at some point in July to find a way to celebrate you!

Here are 15 simple things you can do to celebrate you and enjoy life:
1. Soak in a bubble bath while reading your favourite book or magazine
2. Get a group of friends together for dinner to celebrate each other and your friendship (everyone could bring a dish to share or go out for a meal together)
3. Give yourself the gift of extra time by getting up a bit earlier in the morning or go to bed a little later at night. Use this time to drink a cup of tea or coffee on your own, or with your partner, while watching your favourite show on TV or Netflix
4. Savour a scoop of your favourite ice-cream or a seriously decadent treat when all the kids are asleep at night
5. Create an uplifting playlist of your favourite songs (the ones that make you smile and sing out loud…love shack or ice ice baby always make me smile). Grab your Ipod and go for a long walk, run or drive with your tunes playing
6. Buy a bunch of flowers or pick flowers from your garden and display them in a prominent place in your home
7. Make a healthy snack, meal or drink and enjoy it slowly. Take pleasure in nurturing yourself
8. Make a plan for the weekend or a holiday in the future. Give yourself and your family something to look forward to
9. Happiness is infectious, so smile as often as you can!
10. Renew a relationship with someone that you’ve lost touch with
11. Take a nap or ‘siesta’. So many of us are sleep deprived, so 20 minutes spent napping in the afternoon may be just the refreshment needed
12. Speak up! Because what you have to say is worth hearing. Don’t hope that others can read your mind or wait for someone to say what you have been thinking
13. Celebrate you by treating yourself the way that you’d treat your child, spouse or best friend
14. Wear clothes that flatter and fit you well, because you will exude confidence and feel better about yourself. If you can’t afford to go out and buy a new wardrobe of clothes, consider a clothes swap with friends or sisters
15. Go and see a movie or enroll in a workshop. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to do things solo – have the confidence to be independent and set your own agenda. I recently attended a Winter Workshop at Mayfield Garden called ‘Sketch & Sip’ on my own and it was so relaxing, plus as an added bonus, I met some gorgeous people along the way.

For $60, we were treated to an imaginative afternoon of drawing with local artist Meg Allan (you can find Meg on Facebook meg.allan.art), a walk through Mayfield’s water garden, a scrumptious lunch with wine, plus dessert and coffee. The workshop ran for four hours (11am-3pm) and included in the ticket price was access to the gardens before/after the workshop.

I highly recommend that you jump online and check out Mayfield Gardens upcoming events www.mayfieldgarden.com.au/events (the yoga retreat in September sounds amazing!)

I truly hope I have given you some simple ideas to allow you to celebrate ‘you’ during the month of July.

Mumma C xx