Living a Less Toxic Life

Did you know that toxins surround us in our everyday life?

They are in the food we eat, the products we use to clean our homes and even in some of the plastic containers we use to store our food and drink our water from. Over the past couple of months I have been starting to implement strategies in my life to reduce the amount of toxins my family and I are exposed to.

My ultimate aim is for us to live a ‘Low Tox Life’ by slowly changing the way we live and eat.

While it’s impossible to eliminate all toxins from our life there are ways that we can minimise our exposure to them. I’m going to share with you some of the ways I have been making my home and life a little less toxic. I am only just beginning the process and still have a long way to go but I figure I needed to start somewhere to create change.

1. Using non-toxic skin care – I was shocked when I read a few months ago that women can apply an average of up to 168 chemicals on their body in one day. Is it any surprise that the lotions and potions we use can contain a nasty range of chemicals?!
I have begun the process of phasing out the toxic skin care products in my cupboard for non-toxic products.
At night I have been simply using organic coconut oil on my skin and I am loving it. I have also found some great products on the ‘Nourished Life’ website – a one stop shop for toxin-free, all natural beauty and health products.

2. Using an aluminum-free deodorant – most commercially available deodorants contain aluminum and/or synthetic fragrances. I have made the switch to a natural deodorant called ‘No Pong’. It’s effective and well-priced, made from natural ingredients.

3. Using an essential oil diffuser – rather than burn candles or use air fresheners I invested in an essential oil diffuser a few months ago. Although regular scented candles seem safe, they can be huge source of indoor air pollution.

Rather than burn candles I use my essential oil diffuser daily to give me home a lovely scent. DoTERRA have an extensive range of essential oils to choose from and a great range of diffusers (I love that my ‘Petal Diffuser’ permeates an ultra-fine mist into the air that is cool to touch so there is no risk of my children being scalded). For more information about essential oils you could contact Jessica Curran via Facebook who is a Bathurst distributor and ‘Wellness Advocate’ for DoTERRA essential oils.

4. Continue to fill my home with indoor plants – I LOVE indoor plants. Did you know that house plants are an effective, simple and inexpensive way to purify indoor air? They act as natural air filters and take in carbon dioxide and release oxygen. In my home I have a variety of peace lilies, devil’s ivy, fiddle leaf figs, orchids and philodendron (I had to look this one up online as I had no idea what it was called). I have found that the best way to water them is to put them in the shower and water them with cold water from the shower nozzle and then allow to stand until the excess water drains away. This method not only waters the plants but also removes any surface dust. Popping them outside when it’s raining is great too.

5. Open the windows – on beautiful warm days I love to open the windows and doors and let fresh air in to circulate around my home.

6. Wash produce well and/or eat organic where possible – I try to buy some organic fruit and vegetables, however if organic produce is unavailable, hard to find or too expensive I always wash the produce I buy really well to try and avoid any pesticide residue. Unfortunately, some pesticides can persist even after the produce has been washed, and in some cases peeled. Some great practices to follow when cleaning produce include discard the outer layers of leafy vegetables, scrub and/or peel produce, dry produce with a clean cloth if possible and if you use a produce wash look for one with non-toxic ingredients. However, none of these methods are a replacement for buying organic. The Wholefood Co Op in Bathurst have boxes of fruit and vegetables available from $29.99 for a medium size box and from $49.99 for a large box of organic locally grown produce.

7. Remind children and ask guests to remove their shoes before entering my home – removing shoes when entering a home can help to stop nasty germs and other toxic compounds from being introduced to the floors and carpet.

With just a few changes you too could start the journey to living a low tox life. I will continue to research and implement changes over the next couple of months and report back with more ideas in the new year.
If you have ways you reduce toxins in your home and would like to share please email them through to me

Mumma C xx

Some things I would like to implement over the next few months to reduce even more toxins in my home include:
* Salt rock lamps – these lamps emit negatively charged ions into the atmosphere that neutralise the air from positively charged ions emitted from electrical appliances and electronics like televisions, computers etc. To begin with I would love to introduce one of these into my study and lounge room.
* Completely switch to non-toxic household cleaners, laundry powders and hand soaps – I am already using ecoWorx products for cleaning (which is a non-toxic eco cleaning solution) however I would like to start to make my own non-toxic laundry powder and hand soaps
* Replace plastic for glass – slowly replace plastic containers used for food storage in my home to glass. If plastic is not BPA free it can leach chemicals into food and water