Heritage Makes History

“Darl, darl, have you read last week’s Hansard yet?” asked an excited Mrs Heritage.

“It’s the best news, Bathurst heritage has been showcased in the NSW Legislative Assembly for the first time ever! It’s another first for Bathurst!” she gushed.

I dived for my copy which I’d stuck down the back of the couch, unread. Sure enough, our very own State Member, the Hon. Paul Toole, had made a wonderful speech about it at 7.44pm on 13 November 2017.

Said Big Toolie:
“Tonight I will talk about the importance of heritage and the heritage grants distributed in my electorate over the past week. Almost $250,000 has been provided for three significant projects in the Bathurst electorate.

We all know that heritage is important. The past is all around us. We live our lives against the rich backdrop formed by historic buildings, landscapes and other physical survivors of our past. But the historic environment is more than just a matter of material remains. It is central to how we see ourselves and to our identity as individuals, communities and a nation.”

He went on, “Historic landscapes or iconic buildings can become a focus of community identity and pride. At a more local level, a historic church or park can help to define a neighbourhood and create a sense of local cohesion.” Couldn’t have said it better myself!

“The three projects in my electorate are important,” he said.

The biggie is towards the restoration of St Michael’s Cathedral – a Bathurst landmark from 1861.

Then, funds to prepare an archival recording for the 1886 Old Errowanbang Woolshed – huge, iconic, a must see (pictured).

Third, funds for conservation works for The Grange, at historic Brewongle. The Grange is a colonial farmhouse dating back to 1836, one of my personal favourites, and one of a quartet of the earliest farmhouses in inland Australia. The others, all there at Brewongle, are Macquarie c. 1822, Westham c. 1827 and Mayfield c. 1835. You won’t see better than this.

Thanks to Paul Toole for highlighting the importance of Bathurst’s heritage, and for putting money in to protect, enhance and promote it.

Thought of the week…Bathurst heritage – now for Federal Parliament, Andrew Gee?