But it belongs to us

Don’t you hate the sound of a siren? Especially if it’s you lying flat on your back in the back.

Been there, more than once; not fun.

Our Ambos do a great job and many of us are very, very thankful. We know they will be departing their heritage building at 36 William Street for new quarters shortly.

“What’s to become of the building?” asked my mate Mick, the sage of Wiseman’s Creek.

Said Mick, “You know, you know, you know, that building belongs to the people of Bathurst because they put their hands in their pockets and built it. The plaque laid in 1928 reads, “A tribute to those residents whose generosity made possible the erection of this building.”

Funny what Mick knows.

The NSW Government Heritage Register reads “Purpose built and architect designed, and the building is a first-class example of an Interwar Mediterranean architectural style, unusual outside Australia’s capital cities. Built in 1929 on what was an early market site (1833) of the Bathurst settlement. Excellent streetscape contribution, especially visible from highway.” So It Is Important.

Mick says, “Bathurst should not have to pay the State Government more than $1 for it, because it already and always belongs to us – irrespective of the historical change in type of land title.”

Spot on Mick, we agree. Over to you Mayor Graeme.

Thought of the week…the Ambulance Station – a real community heritage asset.