It’s a Bottler

Mrs Heritage’s pet wombat (or badger if you’re up on The Plateau) sometimes does something good, instead of just making the riverbank look like the battle of the Somme.

Recently Worrisome Wombat dug up a lovely Clements Tonic pint bottle (circa 1890) in almost mint condition, except sadly without the original contents. And then we were at Julia’s Antiques the other day at Ab Fab House, and I bought its little brother half pint. I am a Bathurst district bottle collector – after all they are part of our heritage too.

Some of you know we are restoring the 1820s cottage on our place, and all the builders have become members of The Time Team.

Along with some other great finds there have been two intact bottles, and Wayne was thrilled to find a Glencoe pint whiskey bottle (circa 1940) behind the little old water tank – still with an inch or two of spirit in the bottom.

No doubt Old Mate the fencer stashed it there for a sly swig now and then. It smells just fine, so when the project is finished, we will all have a taste to celebrate.

Our picture is of a “Tinker (only)” bottle found in the treasure store of our wonderful Bathurst Historical Museum. Historian, and avid bottle collector, Big Al, tells me one of these in good condition fetches around $1800 these days – go figure!!!

thought of the week – “Imagine the stories those bottles could tell…”