Who Was Mr Panorama?

Mrs Heritage was helping with a young schools group, and asked them who discovered Bathurst. Back came the reply, in all seriousness, … “Mr Panorama”.
So, I thought it was time we had a historical quiz…

1. Who found Bathurst? (a) Windradyne, (b) Mr Panorama (c) George Evans (d) Lachlan Macquarie.
2. Where was gold first discovered in Australia? (a) Ballarat (b) Ophir (c) Hill End (d) Locksley
3. Which is Australia’s first inland settlement? (a) Paramatta (b) Launceston (c) Bathurst (d) Goulburn
4. Which city has the biggest Hungry Jack’s sign? (a) Orange (b) Bathurst (c) Mudgee (d) Lithgow
5. Does our heritage matter? (a) No (b) maybe (c) yes (d) what is heritage anyway
6. How many bells does our war memorial Carillon have? (a) 31 (b) 35, (c) 23 (d) 49
7. What is the name of the river through Bathurst? (a) Evans (b) Wambool (c) Macquarie (d) Lachlan
8. Who is Kings Parade named after? (a) Elvis (b) Kings Antiques (c) King Edward (d) King George
9. Which year was Bathurst established? (a) 1815 (b) 1885 (c) 1788 (d) 1813
10. What chair would you find in Howick Street? (a) bentwood (b) federation (c) convention (d) stool

Entries to heritagebathurst@gmail.com or post your entries on Bathurstheritagematters facebook page where you see this week’s photo. The winner receives a bottle of Renzaglia wine.

thought of the week……. “maybe time for a local history module in our schools curriculum?”