With the rain tumbling down at Tyers Park Racecourse, the spirits of local musicians Matt Hawkey and Mick Mammoliti weren’t entirely dampened, as they played through a small set of swinging classics to demonstrate the pair’s impressive musical talents.

Performing as part of the entertainment at the Mars Pet Care Children’s Christmas Party, Matt and Mick performed classics that ranged from as old as Frank Sinatra, to as recent as Pete Murray, and the pair certainly were in the zone.

It was an engaging change to see the pair take on a very different selection of songs, with plenty in store for the oldies to enjoy!

Mick’s rock n roll/blues style translated well to acoustic music, and was well supported by Matt (who also performs in local covers band Misguided Missiles), who showed there was more musical diversity to him than meets the eye.

While their set was cut short due to the heavy downpour, the pair ought to be commended for showing up ready to entertain, underscoring how you have to be ready for anything as a musician.


-Route 66 (Bobby Troup)

-Opportunity (Pete Murray)

-Walking After Midnight (Patsy Cline)

-Fly Me To the Moon (Frank Sinatra)