Raising money for charity took on a whole new meaning at Jack Duggans over the weekend as some of Bathurst’s prominent live acts helped support a fantastic cause.

In conjunction with the Central West Charity Tractor Trek Group, local bands The Works and The Mad Arabs lent their spirited services to an event that was raising money for the children’s charity Little Wings.

Little Wings is a not for profit charity that aims to provide continuous transport (both in the air and on the ground), free of charge, to children with serious illness and their families, and having live music serve as the basis of a fundraiser was a wonderfully unique approach to take.

Kicking off the evening were The Works, who brought their fantastic presence to the fold, and their impressive connection with the crowd added a lot of personality and flair to the fantastic occasion.

Following The Works were The Mad Arabs, who displayed their virtuosic musicality and hard rocking spirit that has seen them stand tall as a solid pillar in Bathurst’s music scene through nearly three decades.

Both bands performed exceptional sets, and they were supported by an immense crowd who were highly appreciative of the bands efforts, and the amount of people buying raffle tickets and donating money to the Little Wings charity was fantastic to see, and it highlighted the fantastic co-operation between the Tractor Trek Group and members of Bathurst’s music scene to stage the event.

It was wonderful to see live music being used to support a charity, and the results from the successful fundraiser are sure to be seen locally.