Tree of the Month

Prominent in our Water Garden and available in our retail Nursery, this month’s feature tree is the majestic Moss White Birch (Betula pendula Alba Moss White)

A native of Europe and parts of Asia, this deciduous tree is a narrow, conical grafted form of Silver Birch and is perfectly suited to our cool climate. This cultivar will grow to around 10m x 4m in our conditions at a moderate growth rate.

It features an upright habit, bright green leaves that change to a beautiful golden yellow in autumn, and ascending main branches with weeping branchlets. What sets this cultivar apart from the rest, however, is its stunning white bark which is guaranteed to brighten up any landscape.

For vigour and full autumn colour the Moss White Birch is at its best in cool climates. It will tolerate warmer climates like Sydney but needs protection from winds and salt. Long lived and vigorous in cool climates and does best in a rich, moist, well-drained soils. It will not tolerate drought.

Best Uses
Its impressive form and stunning white bark make Moss White Birch a brilliant avenue, specimen or shade tree in gardens and parks. The beautiful bark is shown at its full effect when planted in numbers to create a forest effect.

Where at Mayfield
One of the features of our lovely Water Garden are the impressive group plantings of Moss White Birch on the islands.
We have plenty in stock in the Nursery right now, so if you love them as much as we do drop in and see Matt, Banjo or Maria on your next visit to Mayfield and claim some of these highly prized specimens!

If you need any advice, or you just want to take home a couple of Moss Whites (or any other of our stunning deciduous trees), head on up to Mayfield Nursery and talk to Matt, Banjo or Maria, or you can call us on 6336 3131.

We’ve got years of horticultural experience and would love to help you out. Mayfield Garden Nursery is open from 9 to 4:30, 7 days a week, 52 weeks a year (closed only Christmas day and Boxing Day).

Mayfield Garden Nursery – Tip of the Week
With warm, dry weather upon us, now is a good time to employ wise watering practices in the home garden. Ensure the garden is well mulched, water directly to the root zone (preferably with a watering wand), avoid watering in the heat of the day, and avoid watering leaves.