Colouring Your Winter Garden

With winter well and truly upon us, garden colour is a concept that doesn’t readily spring to mind (or, for that matter, into view).

A walk around your neighbourhood will reveal white lawns, frost burnt perennials, and leafless branches and trunks. There are, however, a couple of simple additions you can make to your garden that will add a splash of winter colour.

Shrubs and trees that feature interesting bark colours make quite a statement in the winter garden.

Among the deciduous Dogwood family are a couple of shrubby varieties that reveal beautiful bright stem colour when the leaves have dropped for winter. Cornus sericea boasts beautiful red stems, while yellow stems feature on the lovely Cornus sericia ‘Flaviramea’.

Several varieties of Japanese Maple also feature beautiful coloured bark that is revealed in winter. Among these are Bonfire, Dissectum Seiryu, and the stunning coral pink bark of Sango Kaku.

Winter flowering Crocus and Algerian Lillies add stunning splashes of low level colour to an otherwise barren landscape in winter, my favourite plant for colouring the winter garden.

helleborusFeature plant:
Helleborus spp (Hellebores or Winter Rose)
A plant that flowers in winter and in the shade?? Sounds too good to be true??
Let us introduce to Hellebores. The Winter Rose is an evergreen perennial that grows to around 350mm high (depending on the variety) and produces beautiful cup shaped flowers in winter through to early spring.
They like filtered sun in a sheltered position and make wonderful flowering displays in shaded gardens under stands of deciduous trees.
Hellebores are a must for the cool climate garden, and you can find them here at Mayfield Garden Nursery along with all the other plants mentioned in this column, so there is no excuse to resign yourself to a colourless winter garden.
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Tip of The Week
Now is a great time to maintain all your gardening gear so you can hit the ground running when spring arrives.
Sharpen cutting tools, get your power machinery (mowers etc) serviced, and make sure all your tools are pathogen free with a good clean!