What a wonderful weekend I enjoyed at the Bathurst Writer’s festival.

Not only did I attend a number of sessions during the three-day festival, which dovetailed into the Sydney Writers Festival, I also had the privilege on Saturday evening to chair a panel of local authors.

The session, “Local authors on the Shelf” brought together five local writers to discuss their adventures to getting their work published.

I was able to join Jeff Dougherty, Kim Kelly, Dean Mobbs, Jess Jennings, Kylie Ledger and Jane Dempster as they shared their stories about writing, publishing, and the journey to get their books on shelves.

Encouragingly, there were about 100 people in the crowd and just as many waiting for the following poetry session on what was a packed itinerary.

The panel offered rare insights into their motivation to write and great encouragement to those who may be thinking on embarking on a literary project of their own.

It was just one highlight session in a weekend that offered so much to our community and one I was proud to be involved in.

Congratulations to the organisers of the Bathurst Writer’s Festival (Jenny Barry, Stephen Champion and Kylie Shead) and to all participants who offered themselves in the more than 40 sessions and workshops across the three days.

I am already looking forward to getting involved in next year’s event.